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Florida Defensive Training

#1 Defensive Training Facility in Florida

5.0/51 Reviews

Florida Defensive Training offers the most effective way to train for real-world encounters for both civilians and law enforcement. FDT provides unlimited access to 25+ Training programs available 7 Days a week. FDT Membership benefits also include Tactical Dynamic Shooting every month. No Annual Contract!

Our goal at Florida Defensive Training is to provide the most realistic and up-to-date firearms and self-defense training available that provides you the opportunity to train regularly.  We focus on:

  • Force-on-Force training
  • Fitness
  • Virtual Simulation training
  • Simmunition training
  • Medical Courses
  • Firearms Fundamentals-Tactics
  • Post-neutralization training for Civilians and Law Enforcement.


Q At what age can I join FDT?

We have NO Age restriction! If you are under 18 years old, you will have access to training with parental supervision.

Q What are premium courses?

Your FDT membership already gives you unlimited access to 25+ courses 7-days a week. FDT premium courses are optional and are throughout the month and consist of (Outdoor Live-fire tactical shooting, Indoor Live-fire tactical shooting, Medical certifications, State license certifications, and more).

For example, instead of paying the average price of a class which can be $750+, you will only pay the cost of third-party fees such as range fees, RSO, certification, etc.

Q Do I get Military or First Responder Discount?

FDT offers a set discount to your monthly membership if you are an active Military, Law Enforcement, or First Responder. (Identification Required)

Q How do I register for a class?

When you join FDT, you’ll have full control of your account and schedule by logging in to a phone app that we provide.

Q Do I need firearms experience?

All courses offered at FDT are beginner-friendly. Our courses range from as basic of fundamentals to as advanced as Law Enforcement/Military.

Q Am I required to have any licensing?

No, although no licensing is required for training. FDT offers state licensing courses such as Florida Concealed Weapons, Un-armed Security, Armed Security, and Private Investigator.

1 Review for Florida Defensive Training

GeoMartinez 1 Reviews
Best defense class in miami.

There’s no facility in Miami like FDT. They cover the full spectrum of self defense and tactical shooting

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