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Is our foundational carbine class designed for beginner to intermediate shooters who want to learn how to properly shoot and manipulate a rifle.

By the end of the class, you’ll have a better understanding of your weapon system, be more confident with your rifle, have a solid understanding of the fundamentals, and know-how to practice the skills you learn on your own.

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Q Who is this class designed for?

The class is designed for beginner to intermediate shooters who want to learn how to properly shoot and manipulate a rifle.

Q How much does the class cost?

Standard: $250

Q What topics are covered?

Carbine fit/form/function (i.e. understanding the platform and setting it up for your body and specific use case)
Sling selection
Optic selection
Zeroing principals and zero confirmation
Core skills (stance, grip, trigger control)
Natural point of aim
Recoil management
Reloads and malfunctions
Up Drills
Target Transitions

Q What are the class's gear requirements?

Carbine of your choice. (AR / M4 style)
Magazine pouches for your rifle mags.
Sling (Single or Double Point)
At least 3 carbine magazines.
At least 250 rounds of ammo.
Eye and ear protection.
Comfortable shoes. Most of the day we will be on our feet.
Sunscreen and a hat (Optional, but we will be spending a lot of time in the sun.)
Drinks and food. We will be providing bottled water.

Q Can anyone attend the class?

Students must know how to safely operate and manipulate their carbines. This is an INTRO shooter's class. Please contact us at valortec@valortec.com for questions regarding qualifications.

Students must be at least 21 years old, and due to the Department of State ITAR regulations, tactical training is only available to US Citizens/Legal Residents. Under 21, and would like to attend the class? Contact us for details.

Q Class Location

Volusia County Gun & Hunt Club, 4845 Florida 44, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA About 30 mins from Downtown Orlando