• Concealed Carry
  • Defensive Shooting
  • Fundamentals
  • Gun Building
  • Hunting
  • Marksmanship
  • Women-Only

Ladies First Firearm Training


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Whether you’re interested in recreational shooting, competition, hunting, gun collecting, historical reenactment, home safety, or personal protection—the basics are the perfect place to start! Our Basic Firearm Training Class teaches you safety principles and helps you develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to successfully pursue your shooting interests.

The Basic Pistol Course provides hands-on learning opportunities in the following areas:

  • Safe firearm handling
  • Firearm parts and operation
  • Ammunition and its function
  • Shooting fundamentals (including an opportunity to develop them on the range)
  • Follow through
  • Proper Stance, Grip, and breathing while shooting
  • Trigger control and sighting methods
  • How to identify problem areas, difficulties, and bad habits that limit your shooting ability

We offer a stress-free learning environment for women ages 21 and older (14 years if accompanied by an adult) to learn with our NRA-certified instructors who have a passion for teaching. Classes are conducted over two days—one day in the classroom and one day on the range, learning to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols safely and responsibly.