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Learn To Shoot/ FIERCE Training


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Are you looking to purchase a gun or just have interest in learning how to shoot or have a family member that you want to have more experience we have a course built specifically for this need.  It is our most popular class and starts at the basics and gives the student opportunity to shoot a variety of guns, it is the perfect class for someone looking to buy a gun for the first time.  If you’ve been looking to purchase but don’t know what you’ll like or what size or caliber to get you really need to take this course.  We offer it  with focus on handguns or all types of firearms.  Done by the hour to cater to varying experience levels, $40/hr/person for lecture and $50/hour/person for live fire.  Email for group rates.  Have lots of families that take this course and love it.


Q Do I need my own gun to take this class

The Learn to shoot class is designed for either those who haven't purchased a gun yet and want help in figuring out what would work best for them or those who are new to shooting and want to learn about their gun or guns in general