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Spartan Tactical Training Group, LLC – 3-day Defensive Handgun Certification Course


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Course Description: The 3-day Defensive Handgun Certification Course is a comprehensive firearms training course that combines our 2-day Semi-automatic Pistol Skills Course and our 1-day Defensive Pistol Skills Course into one exclusive program that focuses on enhancement of defensive shooting techniques and combat gun-handling skills with the semi-automatic pistol.

This course will provide students with formal, structured information and training on firearms safety, nomenclature, operation, defensive gun-handling skills and use of force laws covering self-defense & personal defense applications.

Student’s will learn enhanced dry-practice and live-fire techniques that focus on development of combat gun-handling skills in preparation for use of the semi-automatic pistol for home defense, concealed carry and personal defense applications.

This course will also cover the primary elements of combat mindset, situational awareness, principals of personal defense and the physiological response & reaction of the human body under duress.

Post-Incident Legal Defense Support: This training curriculum meets ILETSB training standards. Curriculum materials; lesson plan, course itinerary, syllabus with SPO’s, student performance records, instructor certification credentials and list of supporting reference materials are available for post-incident legal defense depositions and legal defense litigation discovery.


Q Where do I start in your handgun, rifle and shotgun training programs?

Spartan Tactical has over 40 professional training programs to choose from, ranging from entry level to intermediate and advanced skill levels. All of our training programs have a unique, detailed course description page that outlines any training pre-requisites, the course description, topics covered, equipment requirements and ammunition requirements. We encourage you to browse our course offerings and we'll help you find the course that's right for you!